Shopping Online vs. Shopping Malls

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That’s it! Shopping is not the same as it was years ago. Ok, that’s obvious, there were not that many options available as now. Here’s a question what’s your favorite form of shopping: shopping online or just going to shopping malls?


When I think about my experience with shopping and what I like and dislike about it, here’s what I found:

Time Management

Shopping online might be a better solution at first, you don’t have to drive to the store and wait in line. Shopping malls might be better if you need to purchase something right away and don’t want to wait.

Access & Convenience

Shopping online gives you the access to the world of shopping online. Not much limitation, if you find an online store on the other side of the world it’s almost as you find a store in your neighborhood. You feel that you want to do some “window shopping” online at 2 am? No problem, as long as you have an internet connection – you have the access.

On the other hand, shopping mall might be a good choice if you need to try on something, like clothes. You can check if the item is right for you and then purchase. Or you can, later on, check if you can get this item online and compare prices.

At this point, I think that shopping online is a better (easier) option but it’s still not perfect. At some point, it’s going to improve, with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality on the horizon.

Oh! and if you want to check some numbers on shopping online, check “E-commerce Trends: 142 Stats Revealing How Modern Customers Shop in 2017”

All you need now is the money to spend on shopping online or at your local shopping mall, local business, etc.


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