Shopping Online vs. Shopping Malls

shopping online_groovytakeon

That’s it! Shopping is not the same as it was years ago. Ok, that’s obvious, there were not that many options available as now. Here’s a question what’s your favorite form of shopping: shopping online or just going to shopping malls?   #NowPlaying “Ep.24 shopping time” from Klaudia Jurewicz on…

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How Often Do You Visit Public Library

That’s it! Let’s talk about public libraries. When was the last time you visited your local public library? It could be in-person or online. Or maybe I should start with the question if you still have a library card? Yes? No? Listen to GroovyTakeOn Ep.25 on iTunes – click here…

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Mental Health. Few Useful Links

Mental Health

That’s it! I think there is not enough conversation on mental health. It seems like this topic is still a taboo. And it shouldn’t. I had a chance to attend a “Navigate the Hurdles B4Stage4” conference by Mental Health America of Arizona(May 24th, 2017). Among participants were social workers, firefighters,…

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