Time to Unplug from Social Media

That’s it! When was the last time you have a break from social media? Maybe it’s time to unplug your hi-tech devices for a moment and just check how the world looks like without it.

I know it’s rather shocking approach for some people and don’t remember when was the last time I did that. But maybe it’s time to experience that. We are so wrap up with all the social media connections, online life that sometimes we dn’t notice what’s around us. 

And before you start complaining that I don’t know what I’m talking about, that you work in social media so there is NO way to unplug, not even for 5 min. No way! I’d like to point out, that we don’t work 24/7, we need some sleep, etc. And that means that when we are not working we are still on social media and online checking emails, update statuses, sharing, re sharing, tweeting, snapping, etc. And this is just for fun. And again…I get it, I like it too. 

But maybe (just maybe) let’s try some sort of social experiment and unplug for a moment. And I’m not asking you to take a break from social media for a month but few hours or a day. Yes! That’s right,  I called it a social experiment because more often than not we are so online-connected that we don’t remember about the offline world. And maybe some of you might say that;s not true in your case, and all I can say to that is “congratulations and enjoy!”. But in many cases it’s true and you know it. 

I can just hear one of my friends saying that this is not a problem, that you just need to want it and just do it and that social media/online world is not everything. Ok, ok, for some that might be true but not for everyone, not anymore. And it might be hard to unplug. So don’t judge, let’s talk.

Are you going to try? Have you tried to “unplug from social media” already? 


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